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How It Works

  1. Once completed Contact Form and/or Resume Creator Form has been received, you will be sent an email to set up a consultation.

  2. If a copy of your resume was not included with your Contact Form, you will be asked to send a copy via email before the consultation date for review.

  3. Once the consultation has concluded and it has been decided that we will moving forward with the recommendations, full payment of the stated price for the services will be requested and required moving forward.

  4. Once payment has been received, an acknowledgment email will be sent to you.  This will signify that the labour of your services has started. The stated turn around time for your service will begin once this email has been sent. 

  5. The written aspect of your service will be completed first. *Please note frequent communication is expected during this time to clarify any details for the best result.

  6. Once the written aspect has been completed, it will be sent to you for review to ensure everything is accurate and correct.

  7. While waiting for your confirmation, the labour of the design aspect of your resume will begin. 

  8. When written aspect has been approved, the proper edits will be made and design will be completed.

  9. You will receive a rough draft of the design and written aspect put together for review.

  10. Once the written and design aspect has been approved, you will be sent your resume and/or supporting documents in PDF format titled, First Name, Last Name FINAL.

  11. Unlimited minute revisions are offered during the entire duration of your turn around time for this package. i.e., if your service has a turn around time of 5 days, but you have received it in 3 days, revisions are still available until midnight on the 5th day. 

  12. Revisions needed after your turn around time can be purchased in my extras/add ons.  Some revisions can be made at no extra cost at my discretion.

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