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  • How do I make an order?
    Go through the services on my Service page to figure out which services would work best for you. Once you have them in mind, go to the Contact page and complete the Contact Form. You will recieve an email from me asking you to book a consultation. Once the consultation is complete and if you would like to move forward, you can send an e-transfer for the amount stated in the consulation to
  • How do I pay for your services?
    At this time, I am only accepting payment by e-transfer that are sent to Once payment is recieved, you will recieve an email confirming payment and a receipt.
  • Do I need to do anything after I have paid for my service?
    It would be appreicated if you would be abailable to answer questions or clarify any inquires I may ask in order to recieve the best result for your resume. I understand that you may have a job or school, i just ask that you respond when you can!
  • How long does it take for a service to be completed?
    Turn around times for services vary as they depend on the amount of labour needed. All turn around times for services are stated on the Services page.
  • Will extra/add ons add more time to my service?
    This will vary depending on the add on. If the extra/add on you have selected will cause your package to be longer than the time stated on the Services page, it will be stated to you in the consultation before payment is made.
  • Are rush jobs available?
    Yes, rush jobs are available for an extra cost. The cost for Rush Jobs are stated on my Services page.
  • Am I able to make custom orders?
    Yes, you will be able to make a custom order, however the price will be based on the amount of labour needed.
  • Do I get to choose my design?
    no. However, the design aspects of the resume will be discussed during the consultation and I will be my best to create a resume with the suggestions given. Unfortunately the only service that allows you to be heavily invloved in the design process is the Elegant Executive package.
  • How do revisions work?
    You will have unlimited revisions up until the final day of your package due date at midnight – even if your service has been sent to you completed before that date. Any extra revisions can be purchased for up to 3 days after your service due date. Extra revisions must be used up within 7 days of purchase. After this, you will need to purchase a new service.
  • What if I need my resume edited again in a few months?
    There is a customer loyalty program that will have discounts for all services offered,
  • What is your refund policy?
    You can recieve a full refund for your order, if the request is made before any labour has been done for your order (within the first 24 hours of your payment being sent.) After you are unhappy with your service after this point up to the stated due date of your service, you will be issued at 50% refund of the cost of the service due to the labour that has been done. There will be NO refunds issued after the Final Draft of your service has been issued to you.
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